Your schedule is packed; your time is limited. How do you want to spend your precious free hours? Behind Door #1, we have a generic conference center. If you’re lucky, you get a semi-comfortable chair with wheels and some stale pastries. Which you will eat because you skipped lunch. Behind Door #2, we have a dynamic space with local art, innovative design features, beautiful vistas — outside and in — and a kitchen in which a top caterer can whip up creative cuisines.

Every decision should be this easy! It’s a no-brainer, as is choosing Hub & Spoke for your event hosting needs.

3 Reasons Hub & Spoke Is Your Event Hosting Solution

Hub & Spoke is ambitious, and we make no secret of it. Our 94,000 square foot master-planned, mixed-use space is designed to serve as a hub (see what we did there?) for the community. We deliver hands-on experiential education opportunities that empower youth and adults to explore their passions, hone their skills, and connect with thinkers, makers, doers, and innovators.

Hub & Spoke provides an equally compelling experience as a venue for your business, community, or personal event:

1. It’s One-of-a-Kind.

There is nothing generic, stale, or “same old-same old” here. Hub & Spoke’s one-of-a-kind, contemporary environment features:

  • An open art gallery-style space featuring original work by local and regional artists.
  • Attention-grabbing staircase with stadium-style seating.
  • The ability to suit your needs. The expansive space ensures large gatherings never feel crowded or chaotic. At the same time, it is easy to create more intimate conversation-style settings. Ample space and seating opportunities accommodate your guests comfortably.

  • Nickel Plate Trail access. We can’t take credit for the future-forward, community-oriented Nickel Plate Trail — but we can offer easy access to you and your guests! The City of Fishers has an ambitious plan to make our 4.5 mile stretch of the NPT more than a way to get from here to there; it’ll be a true focal point for recreation, fitness, culture, the arts, socialization, and fun! It’s already a great asset to our community and will continue to evolve. And it’s literally right in our backyard. Your guests will be able to take a little break — or just a little wander to see what all the fuss is about.

Hub & Spoke’s innovation was recently recognized by the Indy Chamber at the 2021 Monumental Awards, where it earned the Achievement Award in the category of Interior Design. This is a space that your attendees and guests will remember — and to which they’ll eagerly await a return invite.

2. It’s As Functional and Convenient As It Is Innovative and Stunning

Sure, Hub & Spoke is a unique space that is … cool. Are the kids still saying “cool”? Who cares; It is!

It is also exceptionally functional, making your job as host easy. In addition to the ample space and seating we mentioned, our event environment also includes a large kitchen, fully-equipped AV cart, microphones, WiFi connectivity, and oversized monitor for videos, presentations, virtual guests, etc.. Oh, and strategically-placed outlets. We’ve got your tech and charging needs covered.

These may sound like relatively small details, but it’s the little items that can make or break an event… or at least lower or raise your stress levels!

3. Event Planning Services Make It a Breeze

Hub & Spoke delivers solutions that work for you. This may mean “hands off.” You just want the space for your weekly networking group or a community meeting. Welcome, and enjoy! But you may want “hands on.” This is where our event planning services come into play. We will take care of everything within your specifications.

We can secure the right vendors for your event, from caterers and DJs to rental companies and florists. We have worked with these companies many times over and trust them implicitly when it comes to wowing your guests. For example, if you have an evening function and want to serve a delicious dinner of local fare, we will take care of hiring and coordinating with the right caterer.

We can also tackle other tasks on a contracted basis, such as set-up and take-down. In other words: it’s up to you. Hub & Spoke can provide as much, or as little, assistance as you need when planning and executing your event.

Host Your Next Event at Hub & Spoke

Hub & Spoke is open to the community. Our space has helped make everything from bridal showers to art exhibits to stakeholder meetings true successes for organizers and attendees alike. You cannot discount the “wow factor” when it comes to meetings and gatherings. This is where you will find it.

If you have an event on the horizon, contact Hub & Spoke to learn more about our distinctive space and our planning services.