Hub & Spoke is working with Hamilton Southeastern school district to provide work-based, project-based, and service-based learning experiences — where the community becomes the classroom.

“We believe – and research data supports our views – that people learn more as entrepreneurs than they do in any other environment,” says Hub & Spoke Founder David Decker. “We’ll be giving youth real-life, real-work experience. They may wonder why they need to learn geometry in high school, but when we show them how it may apply to their interest, a light bulb goes off.”

Decker says people’s eyes light up when they hear “student-run business.”

“At Hub & Spoke, young students will be responsible for all aspects of the business they create. We envision bringing in professionals who pose the tough questions: What is the business implementing? Who’s going to do the cost-based accounting for this business? How are you putting your business plan together? What are your sales and marketing efforts?”

Decker says students will start from the basic level, so they know what is behind their venture. They will understand the social issue they are trying to solve. “Maybe, for example, the first issue is addressing and solving workforce housing issues by building Tiny Homes. They’ll learn how to take that business plan and run with it.”

He believes that when students get behind a cause and recognize what they’re doing has real-life application, the learning comes naturally. They understand what they’re learning has a practical purpose and makes sense.


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