Tenant Spotlight – Oasis Outdoor

Oasis Outdoor proudly provides outdoor living and landscape design, maintenance, hardscaping, and landscape construction to Central Indiana.

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Tenant Spotlight – Plumbers Supply Co.

Design Center tenant Plumbers Supply Co., the region’s leading supply and service source in the plumbing, heating, and piping industry, is poised to celebrate its first century in…

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Tenant Spotlight – High Frequency Arts

Our Design Center tenants are integral in our mission to foster a forward-looking environment and experience that supports purpose, innovation, and collaboration. In High…

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When Is In-Person Shopping Better than Online?

Whether you want a little bit of help or someone to take the reins on a home remodel project, in-person shopping at Hub & Spoke’s Design Center is the way to go.

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The Importance of Art in the Workplace

Art in the workplace is a way to visually express a company’s brand, while creating a positive, creative environment, and increasing productivity.

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The Future of Work: Working Remotely in Coworking Spaces Maximizes Results

Many of us enjoy working remotely, and because of COVID-19 restrictions, millions more have joined the “home team.” As we move into the future, coworking spaces will gain more…

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The Unique Coworking Space at Hub & Spoke

The coworking space at Hub & Spoke offers members a number of benefits - and the opportunity to take their businesses and careers to new heights. Learn more about the dynamic…

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The Importance of Workforce Development: Overcoming the Skilled Trades Gap

The skilled trades are essential in building and maintaining the infrastructures on which communities, cities, states, and the country run. The skilled labor shortage has impacts…

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Exploring Career Pathways: What Are My Options?

What’s next? It’s a question we all ask ourselves, but in recent decades, the career pathway for high school students was somewhat of a one-way street. College. The mantra…

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Why is There a Shortage of Makers?

The shortage of makers and skilled labor in the United States is a problem that’s bad now and shows no signs of getting any better. In fact, it shows signs of growing before……

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