Define Yourself. Become a Skilled Maker.

It’s not about defining what a maker is, it’s about defining who you are. Figure out your path and find a passion you can leverage into a lucrative career.

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Training the Future Makers of America

Training the next generation is key to overcoming the intense labor shortage in the skilled trades industry. Why? And how are innovative programs helping?

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The Benefits of Hands-On Learning for Encouraging Creativity, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship

Makerspaces are designed for those driven to “make” and provide opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration.

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What is a Makerspace?

“Makerspace” is a trendy term, but what does it mean? And how you can use it across disciplines and industries? Find out.

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Recruiting Gen Z for Design and Construction Businesses

They’re coming! Gen Z (the oldest of whom were born in the mid-90's) is heading into the workforce, and they’re a 61 million-member force to be reckoned with. They may also be the…

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Makerspaces and the Entrepreneurial Spirit

Makerspaces are hotbeds of exploration, creativity, and innovation. When people have the opportunity to work hands-on, work collaboratively, and draw on a community’s worth of…

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The Future of the Workplace is a Community: Why Coworking Works

Coworking delivers a number of key benefits to professionals in all industries, particularly those in the design and construction business. Learn why it’ll be the workplace of the…

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Make the Big Bucks, Have a Bigger Purpose Through Skilled Trades

People learn more as entrepreneurs, through experience and hands-on learning. They earn the big bucks by starting their own business in the skilled trades.

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College or Trade School: When Entering the Skilled Trades Industry is the Best Decision

Whether you enroll in college or enter a trade school program, you’re taking the next step in creating a prosperous, rewarding future.

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Take a Walk on the Wild Side (of Fishers) to Connect

Just a few steps from Hub & Spoke's front door, the Nickel Plate Trail will provide an attraction like no other in Central Indiana.

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