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Hub & Spoke is currently seeking partner companies to invest in the long-term vision of the end product – a trained workforce that will elevate the industry. Experts like YOU in the plumbing, electrical, flooring, HVAC, carpentry, home building, and supply industries (and many more) will be on hand to share their knowledge and lend their professional guidance.

People in our community receive the most significant benefit when YOU give to Hub & Spoke.


Here's how you can help

We need your donations. Pledge a corporate gift and have a hand in creating long-lasting careers that benefit everyone. Your generous contribution will have an impact on training the youth and adults of the future. When key industry partners like YOU support Hub & Spoke, YOU are supporting the results of Workforce Development.

We need your volunteer power. Put your time and talents to work. Our students seek mentors like YOU with vast experience,ideas,and expertise. Your employees will take pride in their company’s commitment to the community. Your name will be featured on our Leadership Honor Roll on our website and at the facility, and you will be honored at our annual Leadership Recognition Event.

We need your tooling/equipment. Hub&Spoke’s makerspace will include an art studio and will offer equipment such as 3-D printers, laser cutters, wood- and metal-working tools, and CNC equipment. We need help from YOU to stock this space with relevant, state-of-the- art machinery and tools.

We need your materials. We need YOU to share your materials so our students can learn how to work with real- world products and lead at the forefront of their future.

Lend us an employee. Loaned employees can develop new leadership skills and valuable experience, and strengthen your organization upon their return. Employees develop a new sense of commitment, and their jobs can become far more meaningful when they support the community in which they live or work. And by visiting Hub & Spoke, they can generate a high profile for your company. Loaned employees will be recognized on our website and through various promotional efforts such as newsletters,press releases, and social media exposure.

Be visible in the community – sponsor one of our events or programs. Hub & Spoke’s Community Connect will have indoors and outdoors space, provide entertainment and recreational activities, and will host community events. Your company’s logo will be featured on whatever you sponsor. This develops and expands your brand in the community and with your stakeholders. All event proceeds will go back to workforce development.

Be recognized as an Industry Partner. Whatever level you choose, if you pledge as an Industry Partner of Hub & Spoke before the facility opens, your company name will appear on our Wall of Spokes and will be listed on a thank- you page on our website and through various promotional efforts such as newsletters, press releases, and social media exposure. Your name will forever be linked as a Industry Partner. All non-founding member donors will be recognized on the Wall of Spokes for contributions of $50,000 or more.

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