Obstacles are everywhere… Education. Experience. Access. Expense.

The Maker Playground at Hub & Spoke exists to break down barriers and empower our community to make – and to make progress along their own personal or professional paths.

Explore the Equipment & Tools In the Makerspace at Hub & Spoke

Welcome in to the Maker Playground. This state-of-the-art – and user-friendly – 15,000 square foot space is designed to help current and future makers access the tools, resources, and connections they need. The goal: to learn. To explore. To experiment. To grow. To fail. To try again. To make. (Safely!)


The Maker Playground is organized into different workspaces. Whether you need the space to learn, think, or make, you have the flexibility to engage with your surroundings and with tools, equipment – and most valuably — other members of the maker community.

Makerspace manager Nick Snyder, says, “We are here to remove the barrier of entry for learning new skills. Someone may have an interest in woodworking, CNC routing, or 3D printing. All of this equipment is expensive; that’s where community makerspaces come from. If we get together, we can afford to purchase it. [Community members] can access tools they couldn’t otherwise.”

Think Tank

That idea that’s been percolating in your brain has the chance to take shape in Think Take. In addition to spacious tables for imagination, collaboration, strategizing, and planning, you will find:

● Ultimaker 2+ 3D Printer

● Ultimaker S3 3D Printer

● Ultimaker S5 3D Printer

Project Alley

Spread out. Plan. Cut. Drill. This is your workstation – and your chance to do. You’ll have access to:

● BossLaser HP 3655 Laser Cutter

● Pull-Down Electrical Outlets and Wi-Fi


This is where hammer meets nail. Available for your use:

● Sawstop Table Saw

● 20” Planer

● 20” Wood Lathe

● Compound Miter Saw

● 4’ x 8’ Shopbot CNC Router

● Benchtop Drill Press

● 6” Benchtop Jointer

Check It Out

Sometimes (oftentimes), cost and access is a barrier to innovation and creation. The City of Fishers and Hub & Spoke are committed to helping our community sail right over this obstacle. In addition to the equipment and tools available in the Makerspace, there is a range of tools that members can check out. Think of it like a library for makers.

(By the way, Hamilton East Public Library is also an incredible resource for makers, learners, thinkers, and tinkerers. Use all the tools available to you on your path!)

Continue your creation and check out:

● Drill

● Driver

● Impact Wrench

● Oscillating Multi-Tool

● Cordless Grinder

● Hand Planer

● Palm Sander

● Orbital Sander

● Finish Nailer

● Framing Nailer

● Pin Nailer

● Router Kit

● Cutout Tool

● Biscuit Joiner

● Jig Saw

● Track Saw

● Circular Saw

● Reciprocating Tool Woodshop

● 16/32” Drum Sander

● Combination & Spindle Sanders

● 20” Scroll Saw

●17” Band Saw

● Router Table

What Can You Do Without Barriers?

Nick Snyder says, “Tinkering is a necessary aspect of learning in the Makerspace.” But… safety first. “We provide basic safety processes and instructions for the equipment here.” Members view a series of safety videos and access important instructions for the equipment and tools in the workspaces. For more advanced applications, such as CNC routing and laser cutting, folks are required to take a class (typically 2-3 hours, depending on the machine). They will learn how the machine works – and how they can operate it safely.

The goal is not to turn people loose on machines and have them teach themselves… but nor is it to hold their hands throughout the entire process. It’s to empower them to pursue their passion – always with the knowledge that someone is there to help them operate safely.

“You can come in with no understanding and leave with a great amount of understanding.” This is the power of a community makerspace.

Are You a Maker?

Are you a maker? Or do you want to be?

When it comes to people who utilize the Maker Playground, Snyder says, “We get all kinds. We’ve had everyone from retired individuals who’ve been doing woodworking projects for 50 years to entrepreneurs who do it for a living to people who have just started getting into it as a hobby.”

All are welcome – and all have the opportunity to learn, grow, and make.

This is your playground; come explore it. Visit https://hubandspoke.works/makerspace/ to learn more.