When it comes down to it, there are two types of people in the world: Those who sit around wishing, hoping, or waiting for a better world, and those who get up and start building it. But perhaps there’s a third: Those who want to create a better career, a better life, a better community… But who do not (yet) have the skills they feel will make the biggest impact.

And perhaps, most of us are this third type. The ones with a thirst to learn, to grow, and to develop – but may not know where to start.

Start here. Start with the Entremaker Program.

An Innovative Partnership

Hub & Spoke is dedicated to providing experiential, real-life education – and opportunities – to the community. The design and construction industry faces many, and multi-faceted, challenges; we want to be part of the solution. As a first of its kind project and work-based learning center, Hub & Spoke helps spark interest in the skilled trades and ensure makers have the skills they need to make a difference.

We don’t do it alone.

Hub & Spoke Institute, Fishers Maker Playground, and Ivy Tech Community College have come together to create the unique Entremaker Program. This five-week, 40-hour introductory construction course is geared towards folks interested in a career change. Participants will work to build both academic knowledge and technical skills that will set them up for success in an exciting, forward-moving industry. Entremaker covers:

  • Basic Safety Skills
  • Introductory Construction Math
  • Intro to Power & Hand Tools
  • Basic Rigging
  • Material Handling
  • Construction Drawing
  • Essential Communication Skills
  • Fundamental Employability Skills

The Entremaker Program: This Is Your Chance

Who is the Entremaker Program for? For people who find their current jobs don’t satisfy or interest them – or just don’t pay the bills. For college graduates who want to switch onto a different career track. For professionals who are interested in developing a whole new skill set. For students who want to explore the trades as they make post-secondary education decisions. For those who want to make a difference in their lives and communities – and know they need to lay a solid foundation of basic knowledge and skills.

It’s for… You.

Upon completion of the Entremaker Program, participants are entered into the National Center of Construction Education and Research database. NCCER has worked to revolutionize training and education in the construction industry, creating a standardized training and credentialing system that can enhance your career as you move forward in your career. If you are enrolled at Ivy Tech, you can also earn “credit for prior learning” for the “Introduction to Construction Technology (BCTI 100)” class.

The Entremaker Program is your chance to develop the skills – and the confidence and connections – you need for an in-demand, well-paying, and highly-satisfying career in the construction industry. And if you’re worried about the cost of taking an intensive 5-week course? It’s free.

Pathways to Success

Recently, Hub & Spoke and Ivy Tech partnered to host the Maker Career Exploration event, held at the Maker Playground. Business owners, employers, and the chair of Ivy Tech’s building and construction trades department served as panelists, sharing real-life success stories related to their diverse pathways into the construction industry and offering insights on necessary skills and credentials for a high-powered career.

Stacy Atkinson, Ivy Tech Chancellor, says, “Our partnership with Hub & Spoke will continue to provide opportunities for innovation that translate into programming, events, and impact across Hamilton County.” The Entremaker Program is an exciting next step.

Hub & Spoke Institute founder David Decker says, “Our goal at Hub & Spoke Institute is to provide an opportunity for folks to discover their passions and create flexibility for the important choices that determine their future. Construction is more than hammers and nails. We want to build awareness and invite the community to explore career opportunities and ultimately create pathways to success.”

Ready to start down your own unique pathway? Learn more about the Entremaker Program at https://hubandspoke.works/workforce-development/entremaker-program/ – or better yet, register online for your spot.