Hub & Spoke is more than a unique, 94,000 square foot mixed use development. It is more than retail showrooms. More than coworking and collaborative spaces. More than a cutting edge Makerspace. It is all of these, of course, but when it comes down to it, what makes this all work is us. The Design Center is a community – and you would fit right in.

Succeeding As a Community

The Hub & Spoke Design Center offers a number of opportunities to interact with and grow with – and as – a community:

Collaborative Working

Hub & Spoke’s coworking spaces allow professionals to access the amenities they need to do their best work. From dedicated offices and open work spaces to a conference room and collaboration area, the chances to connect with others and grow your career/business are many and varied. But collaborative work also takes place in other areas of our state-of-the-art multi-use facility. Design Center tenants, for example, routinely share ideas, tips, strategies… and clients/customers as we will discuss in a moment.

New Client Opportunities

As Hub & Spoke’s anchor, the Design Center features retail showrooms that can be a one-stop shop for industry/trade professionals and homeowners searching for the best products, services, and solutions. The possibilities for “cross pollinating” are endless. Say, for example, a homeowner comes in to look at flooring options. Across the way, they see a showroom full of innovative lighting. Then, down the corridor, the plumbing fixtures they’ve been searching for. And, while they’re already at the Design Center, they might as well stop in to enquire about landscaping (or that pool they’ve been dreaming of!) or take a look at the latest in cabinetry.

When one succeeds, we all succeed. (Learn about our current tenants.)

Networking Events

Who actually likes networking? With the Design Center as a resource, the answer may well be… you!

High Frequency Artists Open

If you’ve stopped to admire the artwork at Hub & Spoke Design Center, you have High Frequency Arts to thank! The “one-stop for art and related services,” curates our collection – and the team is fiercely committed to employing, mentoring, and supporting emerging local artists. Their Artists Open Houses offer an opportunity to highlight incredible work by innovative minds. With light refreshments, music, and works for sale, they are true community-centered events.

Haven Cover Parties

The place to see and be seen and to meet and greet! The company/project featured on the front cover of Haven Magazine takes advantage of a four-page spread in the middle (the best real estate in the magazine) and professional photos and writing. Additionally, they have the opportunity to throw their own Haven Cover Party

These free, community events feature live music, free food and drinks, connection with potential clients and industry peers, and the chance to support a charitable organization that matters to the host. Haven Cover Parties include social and digital promotion of the event, a charity beneficiary video, a cover party recap video for you to share, pro event photography, and a two-page feature in the following issue.

Home Artisans Meetings

Running a business is never easy – and we have unique challenges in the home industry. From continual labor shortages to increasing demand, it can be overwhelming. Home Artisans of Indiana exists to make it a bit more manageable! A community of like-minded professionals, Home Artisans offers members the chance to sharpen their business skills, access exclusive resources, participate in insightful roundtable discussions, develop strong relationships with peers, and give and gain quality referrals.

The Design Center makes for a fantastic meeting spot; in an innovative and welcoming environment, our area’s best and brightest makers and creators meet, mentor, support, encourage – and build better businesses together.

Find Your Tribe

Your community is waiting for you. Find out how you can grow your business, sharpen your skills, connect, gain inspiration – and inspire others. Visit Hub & Spoke.