Recently, Hub & Spoke was featured on The American Dream, a real estate media channel hosted by Andy Liechty.

During the segment, Liechty highlighted the various offerings at Hub & Spoke, including a design center with retail showrooms open to the public, coworking space, and a state-of-the-art makerspace. He also highlighted the Hub & Spoke Institute, a project- and work-based learning and innovation center.

One of the key features of Hub & Spoke is its partnership with the City of Fishers, which provides hands-on experiential learning opportunities for the community. This partnership allows community members to engage in educational experiences and discover their passions, helping kids and adults to live a successful and purpose-driven life.

In the segment, Liechty emphasized the collaborative environment at Hub & Spoke and how it is nurturing students to become entrepreneurs. He noted that the development is a valuable resource for the Fishers community and is helping to foster innovation and drive economic growth.

Overall, the segment provided a comprehensive overview of the Hub & Spoke development and its many offerings. It is clear that this unique community space is making a positive impact on the Fishers community and beyond.


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