A project- and work-based learning and innovation center where the community becomes the classroom.

THE HUB & SPOKE INSTITUTE (HSI) exists to inspire, educate, and empower the future makers – the leaders – of America. It’s a mission we take seriously.

Hub & Spoke Institute is the first-of-its-kind collaboration to provide students with the tools and skills they need to excel not only in the classroom but also in high-paying, in-demand jobs as part of the new HSE Polytechnic Program powered by Purdue Polytechnic High School.

The partnership, including the City of Fishers, Hamilton Southeastern Schools (HSE), Purdue Polytechnic High School (PPHS) and Hub & Spoke Institute, will allow students to receive hands-on STEAM-based (science, technology, engineering, arts and mathematics) education. Students will leave with a high school diploma and may also earn college credits in addition to industry credentials while enrolled in the program.

While Purdue Polytechnic High School will provide curriculum, training and ongoing support, day-to-day operations will be managed and taught by teachers from Hamilton Southeastern Schools.

Students will attend and learn in Hub & Spoke’s project- and work-based learning and innovation hub, which is a playground of tools, technology, and arts.


The HSE Polytechnic Program model, based on the existing Purdue Polytechnic High School model in both Broad Ripple and downtown Indianapolis, offers students STEAM-focused courses and credits.

From the first week of enrollment, students will participate in authentic project-based work. Students will be assigned a personal “learning coach” (Purdue Polytechnic term for teacher) and placed with an advisory group of up to 20 students with whom they start and end each day. With a focus on the future, students will work with learning coaches and each other to set goals, review progress, discuss current events and plan their learning activities to build their schedules for the week. Students have ownership of their learning schedules, seek mentoring and support when they need it and learn how to manage their workload and schedules.

HSE Polytechnic Program students will have frequent and early exposure to industry employers and careers. Part of the curriculum allows students to also participate in the “EnterMaker” entrepreneurship program that challenges them to create and operate a successful business.

“We are excited to partner with Hamilton Southeastern Schools, the City of Fishers and the Hub & Spoke Institute to provide an opportunity for students in the district to experience the Purdue Polytechnic High School approach to learning. The hands-on, project-based design thinking way of learning has proven to be very successful at the PPHS Indianapolis schools and this collaboration will create an opportunity for scaling the experience.”
— Scott Bess, Head of School at Purdue Polytechnic High School


STEAM-focused courses and credits: Students learn core academic principles and skills needed in the 21st-century economy through an immersive STEAM experience. Students graduate with a well-rounded education, possessing the critical thinking and problem-solving skills required to succeed in college and the workforce. HSE Polytechnic powered by Purdue Polytechnic High School delivers the courses and credits that relate to an Indiana Core 40, Academic, or Technical Honors diploma. The school model places special emphasis on a core set of competencies that have been identified by employers and universities as being key to student success. These competencies are integrated into every aspect of the student experience and form a substantial percentage of their academic grades.

Project-based Learning: Learning happens best when students must apply and use their knowledge to solve problems and meet challenges in a “real-world” authentic context. In Project-Based Learning, students learn by doing, using their hands and their minds. Students collaborate with classmates, coaches, and industry mentors to complete projects that are designed by our industry partners. These projects challenge students to dive deep into research, determine commercial viability, gather data, brainstorm solutions, conduct trials, and build prototypes toward the best project outcome.

Every student at HSE Polytechnic participates in authentic project work from the very first week of their enrollment. The projects fall into two categories.

First, industry challenges are designed to arc over the first two years of the student’s experience to give them an exposure to a broad set of industry contexts and a wide variety of careers and problem-solving techniques.

Second, students participate in passion projects, which are co-designed by school staff, students, or community businesses or organizations. These learning opportunities allow students to have more voice and choice in how they apply and use their knowledge. Student use their skills in creative and innovative ways to solve problems they are passionate about solving. Students not only create viable industry solutions to solve problems, but ultimately build a portfolio filled with unique marketable products and experiences during their high school career that shows what they know.

Career and Technical Education (commonly known as career-tech ed or CTE) describes classes designed to prepare students for work. Many CTE programs focus on areas typically associated with an associate or bachelor’s degree, such as engineering or business. Because CTE classes of all kinds are increasingly seen as pathways to additional study after high school, they are meant to be more academically rigorous than those of a previous generation.

On-the-job Training (also known as OJT) is a hands-on method of teaching the skills, knowledge, and competencies needed for students to perform a specific job within the workplace. Students will learn as employees in an environment where they will need to practice the knowledge and skills obtained during their training.

“We at Hamilton Southeastern Schools are always looking to expand educational opportunities for our students. This partnership will provide us access to an instructional model from Purdue Polytechnic High School that dovetails seamlessly with the direction we are moving as a district, one that provides authentic learning experiences and maximizes student agency and collaboration. Additionally, our students will be able to take advantage of a partnership with private industry through Hub & Spoke Institute, enabling them to learn in a very unique environment with access to outside professionals that will enhance our ability to provide real world connections for our students.”
— Dr. Allen Bourff, Superintendent of Hamilton Southeastern Schools

Q&A with Steve Loser, HSE Polytechnic Program Director


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Entrepreneurship: The “EntreMaker” program is where young students are challenged to create and operate a successful business. Students must identify the “why” behind their new venture or what social issue their business will solve. They will then implement all aspects of being an entrepreneur – from the business plan and product development to marketing to customer fulfillment and more. When students get behind a cause and recognize that what they’re doing has a real-life application, learning comes naturally. They understand that what they’re learning has a practical purpose and makes sense.

“Hub & Spoke Institute exists to inspire, educate, and empower the future makers and leaders of America. Whether a student’s life beyond high school consists of college, a high-paying, in-demand career or pursuing an entrepreneurial dream, Hub and Spoke’s aim is to grow awareness of opportunities, provide a hands-on educational journey in which the community becomes the classroom and create pathways to success. This provides opportunity for students to discover their passions and creates flexibility for the important choices that determine their future.”
— David Decker, Founder of Hub & Spoke Institute

Flexible and Personalized Learning Environment: The HSE Polytechnic model provides a great deal of flexibility. The school schedule is adjusted weekly, with student and staff schedules flexing to adapt to the learning needs of students. Every student has a personalized learning coach (the HSE Polytechnic word for “teacher”) and is assigned to an advisory group of 15 to 17 students with whom they start and end each day. Students work with their coaches and fellow students to set goals, review progress, discuss current events, and plan their learning activities to build their schedules for the week. Students have ownership of their learning schedule, seek mentoring and support when they need it, and learn how to manage their workload and schedules.

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The Hub & Spoke Institute is a non-pro t 501 (c) (3) organization that works with companies, governments, schools, the community, nonprofits and other organizations to address the increasing need for skilled trade workers. Our partners will contribute more than money. Their ideas, volunteer power, in-kind support and more will help build a strong base of tomorrow’s trade leaders.


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