Prepare to be enticed by the siren song of rich, roasted coffee, fragrant spices, and freshly baked treats. When you come into Niyyah Coffee, though, you’ll stay – and return – for the warm atmosphere, the welcoming people, and, of course, the Brown Suga’ Shook. Niyyah Coffee invites you to take a sip, a bite, and a breath.

Niyyah means “intention” in Arabic, and as Founder Humza Shah says, “Everything we have done with our business has been done with the utmost intention.” From the deliberate and thoughtful design to the careful weighing of ingredients to ensure the highest quality and consistency, intentionality is at the heart of this vibrant business.

Meet the Newest Hub & Spoke Tenant: Niyyah Coffee

Niyyah Coffee began its brewing evolution in November of 2022 as a coffee cart. The fledgling company focused on catering and private events throughout the Indianapolis area. Shah explains, “The goal was to bring awareness to our great-tasting products and save for a brick-and-mortar store.” A simple conversation turned out to be key in bringing that goal to fruition.

A friend, who just happened to own the building, pitched the idea of bringing a coffee shop to Hub &  . And, with the utmost intention, Humza and his team began transforming their new space into a beautiful community hub where people of all backgrounds can come together for great coffee and conversation.

Shah says, “Much thought and effort went into designing the space to ensure everyone felt welcome.” The coffee shop is open concept, but it also features sections that cater to those who want to study, relax, have a private conversation, or catch up with a group of friends. The cozy ambience is ideal for focus and productivity – as is the espresso!

“Aside from our delicious coffee,” Shah explains, “We heavily focus on customer experience and service. We do our absolute best to ensure that each and every customer feels welcomed at Niyyah Coffee and receives excellent service.”

Where Coffee Meets Intention

Niyyah Coffee is every bit as intentional with their products as they are with their design and service. Whether you order the crowd favorite Brown Suga Shook, a refreshing mango milkshake, or authentic masala chai (where you can find nowhere else in the area!), it is made with exacting care. And we mean exacting. “Each ingredient that goes into our drinks is weighed to ensure each customer receives the highest quality drink.” This way, not only are the results spectacular today… your drink will taste just as delicious next time you come in.

Have you ever walked up to the counter at a coffee shop, utterly confused as to what to order – or as to the difference between a latte and a cappuccino or between an Americano and espresso? Even ordering “regular” coffee can be a fraught experience! Not at Niyyah Coffee. The friendly, knowledgeable staff is glad to provide detailed information on each coffee blend, as well as brewing tips and personalized recommendations. There is never a charge for an extra shot of education!

Niyyah Coffee truly delivers coffee, and an experience, like no other.

A Perfect Pairing

The Hub & Spoke Design Center allows visitors to shop for the latest home improvement products and meet with a variety of experts – all under one roof. For tenants, the “one-stop shop” enhances traffic, referrals, connections, and opportunities. As a new Hub & Spoke tenant, Shah says the support from other tenants has been amazing. He adds, “The building itself attracts a lot of business but we have found that many people stumble into Hub & Spoke because of our coffee shop. We find this to be mutually beneficial.” That’s our favorite type of relationship!

A fortuitous conversation (and space in a bustling community center) empowered Niyyah Coffee to achieve their goal of establishing a brick-and-mortar location. What’s next? “Our goals are to continue to build and grow our business here in the Indianapolis area and to continue to serve our local community.”

Service to the community is integral to this unique coffee shop. “Creating the opportunity for others to work and give back is very important! As we grow, we hope to team up with local charities and organizations to see how Niyyah Coffee can make a difference. The Hub & Spoke location has set the foundation for such goals.”

With this determination, and intention, there is no doubt that Niyyah Coffee will reach – and exceed – their own high expectations. In the meantime, who’s joining us for a lavender latte?

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