There’s no place like home.

It’s a beautiful sentiment – but it is absolutely true. By being mindful of the details, personalizing your home ensures that there is literally no place like it. It’s unique. It’s inspirational. It’s yours. And achieving your vision is just about as easy as clicking your heels together three times (provided you have the right partners and guidance!).

5 Tips for Personalizing Your Home

Personalize your space with:

  1. The Right Finishing Touches

The final picture hung on the wall, the last throw placed on the couch, the gorgeous handcrafted side table… All of these may seem like “little” details, but they are the touches that truly personalize a house and make it a home. Think about accessories, about color, about texture. The great part about the “little” details is that they are the easiest to change as tastes, preferences, and trends change. When your home has great bones, so to speak, you can simply swap out pieces to reflect where you are now by visiting High Frequency Arts.

And, please, let’s not forget about organization! No, it’s not the glitziest part of a remodel or build, but it is one of the most essential. Make sure you have ample built-in storage spaces that make sense for your life. Whether it’s a mudroom with integrated shelving and cubbies, a closet with plenty of room for your shoes, bags, ties, and tees, or a spacious pantry, organization is the gift that keeps on giving as it makes cleaning easier and helps you fight the clutter war – and win.

Your best ally? Professionals like the team at Meridian Closets, who specialize in organization and style for the whole home, from master closet to pantry. Lauren Schwartz, president, says these “are spaces that you utilize everyday. Having a nice, neat space is a great way to start and end your day. We like to help people make it as organized and functional as possible – and as aesthetic as possible.”

  1. Beautiful Landscaping

Don’t forget the exterior of your home. This is what people see when they first arrive; more importantly, though, it is the sight that will greet you and welcome you in, day after day. Additionally, it will be the scene of countless backyard BBQs, cocktail parties, games of tag, wiffleball, or horseshoes, and leisurely sessions of lying in the sun and enjoying your space. However, you envision using your property, the right landscaping is key in enhancing your living experience – from the outside in.

Oasis Outdoor Living & Landscapes empowers you to “bring the feeling of home outdoors.” They start with one simple question: What is this space for? By collaborating – and listening – closely, the full design/build team at Oasis makes your dream a reality.

  1. Style for Your Lifestyle

A beautiful home is just that… Beautiful. Of course aesthetics matter, but your home should fulfill your needs as its owner. Pay attention to integrating features that make the most sense to you. This could be anything from dedicating space for a home office or a children’s playroom to installing functionality like smart thermostats and lighting.

Think about it like this: Why spend your resources on constructing or remodeling a home gym when you’re far more likely to hit the trails or golf course to get your fitness on? It would be a lovely, well-equipped waste of space – and money! Your home must make sense for you, your family, the lifestyle you lead, and the one you want to lead in the future.

This is why top home industry pros offer a tailored experience. Want custom lighting and security but need less in the way of an extravagant audio/visual experience? With Digital Sight & Sound, the best of the best when it comes to home automation and integration, you can create the “package” you need and the home atmosphere you want. Expect better… And get it.

  1. Forward-Thinking (e.g. aging in place)

Speaking of the future…. What makes sense now may not be useful in years to come. For example, if you need a large playroom currently, what happens to that space when the kids grow up and fly out of the nest?

Rather than trying to fit your life into the confines of a room or house, make sure it can grow with you. For example, a playroom can transition into a luxurious master suite if you plan ahead and include space within the walls, structural support, and the ability to install bathrooms and closets easily and seamlessly.

This is not as easy in existing homes, but planning for the future should be an integral part of your home-buying or building process. The right partner can help.

  1. Relationships

When it comes down to it, home is really about relationships. That’s true, of course, of the people who live there but also the people who work to make your dreams come true. When you have trusting, transparent relationships with builders, remodelers, suppliers, designers, technicians, landscapers, and others who specialize in home, then you will find the process of personalizing it to be that much more manageable and enjoyable.

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