Becovic Management Group: “Integrity Defines Us”

If we had to guess, Becovic Management Group of Indiana wouldn’t say they do business as unusual. They do business as they believe it ought to be done. With integrity. Owner Muhamed Becovic and his team believe that customer relationships determine their worth and that their success begins and ends with their people. This family business truly embraces the concept of family — and this drives everything they do in the property management field.

Becovic Management Group’s story is the story of a family. In the early 1970s, the Becovics fled the area formerly known as Yugoslavia. After a stop in Paris, they arrived in Chicago. Muhamed’s father was a painter, his mother was a housekeeper — and Muhamed and his three brothers got to work helping both.

The family worked tirelessly, saved, and were able to purchase a small building. This was just the start. The Becovics don’t know the meaning of the words “good enough” or “let’s take a break.” They continued to build their portfolio, acquiring and managing several more properties in the Chicago market.

Fast forward to 2005: Muhamed, handling all of the business in his adopted hometown, purchased a property in Indianapolis. There was so much growth in this market that he handed Chicago off to one of his brothers to focus on new opportunities. Becovic Management Group of Indiana was born, and the firm remained steadfastly committed to its roots.

Dedication From the Top Down

Today, Becovic owns and manages properties in both Indianapolis and Florida, including some 1800 residential rental units, five commercial buildings, and three land sites for development. It’s not the size of the portfolio that differentiates Becovic Management Group though: it’s their hands-on approach and that relentless drive to excel.

Gillian Downham, Vice President of Property and Asset Management says, “It’s not unusual to drive by a property and see Muhamed changing a light bulb or helping lay an irrigation line. He’s an unconventional owner.”

And he’s built an unconventional company in the property management world. Gillian explains: “I’ve never hired senior management without site experience. And if they don’t have a lot, they sit, shadow, and work next to the leasing agent or manager to see what goes on. They walk a day in their shoes. It’s very intentional.” This background is essential when it comes to both employee and tenant retention.

“We are owners and managers; we are more involved at the site level. We don’t just buy a property, pump money into it, and exit quickly. Our focus is building a portfolio, investing in properties for the long-term, and building relationships. Our residents [and employees] want to stay with us.”

Tradition and Innovation

To this day, Muhamed always seeks his parents’ input and advice when facing decisions. The sense of family and tradition is incredibly strong. This does not impede innovation; in fact, it drives it. Muhamed and his team are always looking for ways to improve and evolve. For example, when renovating and updating properties, they found themselves buying endless products from big home improvement stores – and paying the equally big markup!

As Gillian says, Muhamed is always thinking of better ways to do business. Muhamed wanted to renovate units and maintain quality. He also wanted to contain costs and keep rents reasonable. There wasn’t an immediately apparent solution, so he created one. Muhamed formed Signature Supply, a building maintenance company, which supplied building materials and products Becovic could use to renovate its properties. It grew from there and now other trades professionals can access quality supplies for their projects.

This innovative spirit also led to a relationship with Hub & Spoke.

Too Good to Pass Up

Becovic Management Group and Hub & Spoke are neighbors; they owned a building nearby – one that they were outgrowing. Muhamed felt so strongly about the Hub & Spoke concept that he not only invested, he moved his team in! Becovic was passionate about being part of this vision and part of this community.

Gillian says, “This is a space you walk into every day and feel great about. It’s innovative, it’s modern. We moved from a building down the street that we owned. Still, we said, ‘We need to get over to Hub & Spoke.’”

This, she says, has led to a noticeable boost in employee morale. As a Design Center tenant, Becovic also has an incredible space to meet with potential business partners and investors. They are proud to show off their conference room, and it conveys the message that this is a dynamic, innovative business.

Hub & Spoke is tailor-made for future-focused businesses. Becovic is family-based, steeped in a work ethic that has been passed on from Muhamed’s parents to he and his brothers; they have always been striving towards a better future. We are proud to be a part of their story.

If you want to write your own next chapter, contact us to learn more about becoming a Hub & Spoke Design Center tenant.


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