When it comes to home projects, homeowners are always looking for the right solutions, the right fit. It’s one of the reasons they turn to the experts at a design center like Hub & Spoke.  If asked to choose just one word to describe Meridian Closets, one of the newest tenants at Hub & Spoke, “fit” is a strong contender.  

Lauren Schwartz, president of the Indianapolis-based company, and her team seek to find and create solutions that fit not only customers’ spaces but also their goals, budgets, and aspirations. Where does Meridian Closets fit when it comes to the Hub & Spoke Design Center? Like an integral piece of the puzzle. 

A Bedder Way to Approach Home Organizational Systems 

Meridian Closets is in the business of creating solutions. In fact, this is how they were born. The “More Than Closets” company started as a part of Bedder Way Murphy Bed Company eight years ago. Bedder Way, which has been in business for over two decades, is the country’s largest manufacturer of real wood murphy beds. 

Demand for their high-quality beds and coordinating cabinetry is particularly high at certain points during the year, such as the winter holiday season when homes are filled with festivity and guests. At other points, there were lulls in the production schedule. Closet systems were the perfect fit in terms of filling those gaps, explains President Lauren Schwartz.  

Meridian Closets uses the same manufacturing facility and relies on the same highly skilled Indiana workforce to produce their closet systems. This includes solutions for pantries, garages, home offices, laundry rooms, and other spaces for residential and commercial clients in Marion and surrounding counties. 

According to Schwartz, there is especially keen interest in master closets and pantries. She says, “These are two spaces that you utilize every day. Having a nice, neat space is a great way to start and end your day. We like to help people make it as organized and functional as possible — and as aesthetic as possible.” 

Meridian Closets and Hub & Spoke Design Center Tenants: A Perfect Fit 

When Meridian Closets was founded, they opened a large showroom on the south side of the city in conjunction with the Bedder Way manufacturing facility. Schwartz says, “I always knew we needed to have a northside presence to capture some of that customer base coming out of Carmel, Westfield, and surrounding cities.” 

When she came across marketing material for the Hub & Spoke Design Center, Schwartz “knew immediately that’s where we needed to be. I went to visit as soon as I possibly could, and I knew that would be the perfect spot for us.” 

Schwartz was compelled by the innovative approach of Hub & Spoke. “The design center concept is a major motivator for us, and it’s already paying off. We’ve seen increased traffic, some of it coming from referrals from other design center tenants. We see a lot of crossover from one customer to another. When someone comes to a design center, they are typically looking for solutions for multiple spaces in home, especially for new builds.” 

The sense of community was an important consideration for Meridian Closets. “We’ve been welcomed into the Hub & Spoke family with open arms and we can’t wait to build connections with all our neighbors so that we can all work to help one another serve our clients the best way we can.” 

And it doesn’t hurt that the Design Center is beautiful! Schwartz says, “It’s a space you’re proud to welcome customers into and show off to people because it’s just so fabulous.” 

A User-Friendly Process 

Meridian Closet’s customer-centric process is just as seamless and user-friendly as their closet and organizational systems. Home and business owners can tour their showrooms at Hub & Spoke Design Center or their south side location. Inspiration abounds! From there, it’s simple to set up an in-home consultation.  

Schwartz’s team visits the space, takes measurements, and most importantly, discusses the customers’ needs. Notes and numbers turn into beautiful, detailed 3D drawings that give homeowners a sneak peek into how the space will look. This is a complimentary service; Meridian Closets is fully committed to their customers’ satisfaction. 

COVID did prompt changes in this process, especially in the early days of the pandemic. People who are not comfortable with in-person visits can take advantage of the free consultation via Zoom, Facetime, or another online platform. As always, though, the team will go to the home before any solution is manufactured to ensure it will fit. They make certain that all the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed for optimal results. 

“It’s also nice,” Schwartz says, “for people who are building a home. For example, they may not have anything for us to measure or see yet. They can send over a blueprint or floor plan, and we can work from that to develop a proposal.”  

Given the building boom, particularly on the north side, working efficiently and effectively with builders is critical. “We excel at navigating through that process. If you are considering doing a custom closet system or pantry when building a new home, for example, we can offer advice and even provide connection between us and your builder. We are happy to coordinate that so customers have a nice, seamless transition.” 

Schwartz and her team have worked to build and foster strong relationships with area builders. From working with customers who want to upgrade from standard shelving to offering packages at different price points, Meridian Closets seeks to make it as easy as possible to achieve exceptional outcomes. 

Collaborations for Enhanced Result  

The intrepid company has also been forging strong relationships with influencers who are a good fit for their brand. “This is a new means of marketing for us.” What started as a bit of an experiment has been, according to Schwartz, wildly successful. Meridian Closets works with collaborators with social reach, using paid partnerships and/or providing closet systems at a discount. 

 “All of our collaborators have had closet systems installed in their homes and are excellent sources of information for us. They deliver great testimonials; they love the product and are excited about sharing it.” 

Recently, Meridian Closets helped fashion, lifestyle, and beauty blogger Ashley Donielle create her dream “Cloffice.” With strategic built-ins, they created a “pretty and practical” space where Ashley can work and showcase her clothing, handbags, and accessories. 

Ashely says, “It was one of the best and easiest experiences to work with them on this project! Lauren from Meridian Closets really brought my ideas to life and even gave me some insight to other details of the space I hadn’t thought about.”  

It is these insights that bring customers’ dream spaces to life, and details matter. Meridian Closets also partners with Hangers.com, which produces gorgeous wooden hangers. Influencers like Ashley receive a suite of custom hangers with their name or logo to thank them for the collaboration — and to promote their partnerships with Hangers.com. It’s savvy marketing; but more than that, it’s about valuing and appreciating these collaborative relationships.  

What’s Next for Meridian Closets? 

It’s simple. “We want to grow.” Meridian Closets’ team consists of six folks who do everything from design work and engineering products to manufacturing and installing solutions. Schwartz says, “We look forward to using the success that will come from being at a place like Hub & Spoke and growing to become a bigger part of the market.” 

Already making progress towards this goal, Meridian Closet will continue to leverage its innovation and drive to provide the best solutions and service to customers.  Learn more about Hub & Spoke Design Center tenants like Meridian Closets — and see how our community can help you achieve your own growth goals.  

Join Meridian Closets for the Grand Opening/Open House on Friday, April 22nd from 3:00 – 7:00pm!