Change and transformation are not solitary pursuits. In order to improve businesses, careers, communities, and lives, we need to work together. This is the driving force behind Hub & Spoke. We devoted 94,000 square feet of master-planned mixed-used space to the future. With a thriving coworking environment, leading-edge makerspace, and dynamic design center, Hub & Spoke seeks to foster creativity, innovation, ingenuity, and growth.

This makes partnerships with exceptional companies like Oasis Outdoor Living & Landscapes a natural.

Building a Better Future… One Client At a Time

Oasis Outdoor Living & Landscape is… this:

This Indiana company specializes in creating stunning and functional outdoor living spaces. “My Oasis Outdoor, My Space, My Space to Barbecue, My Space to Swim, My Space to Relax, My Space for Family.” By working closely with their valued customers, the Oasis Outdoor team starts with one simple question: “What is this space for?” And then they bring that dream to life.

When Rob Delaby founded Oasis Outdoor 15 years ago, he had a vision: creating a “one-stop shop” for anything related to exterior design. While focused on new growth and opportunities, they remain committed to this ideal. Project manager Derrick Imes emphasizes that Oasis is not a “landscape” company. “We are an outdoor living company with the ability to provide full outdoor living experiences.” This difference makes the difference.

The team is equipped to handle every aspect of a project: from planning and design to hardscaping, landscape construction and maintenance. A streamlined, stress-free improvement project from start to finish (and beyond)? Oasis Outdoor makes it possible. Design consultant Rob Shea says, “We pride ourselves on being a boutique design/build company.”

To move seamlessly from concept to completion, Oasis Outdoor maintains four in-house crews and a strong network of subcontractors. In many cases, the subs are former employees who honed their skills and hung their own shingles. Supporting the next generation of business owners is central to Oasis Outdoor’s philosophy.

Owner Tricia Delaby says, “There’s enough business for all of us. It’s not a dog-eat-dog world.” She explains that the community of builders, contractors, plumbers, electricians, masons, etc., in which they operate is close-knit and supportive rather than cut-throat competitive. “It restores your faith in humanity.”

Connecting with Like-Minded Companies

The Hub & Spoke Design Center was tailor-made for businesses like Oasis Outdoor. Rob Shea, Director of Design and Sales, says that being a tenant in Hub & Spoke allows them to “connect with like-minded companies and capture the same demographic and customer base.” People shopping for plumbing supplies or lighting, for example, are drawn into the experience and visit other tenants – and vice versa.

Hub & Spoke Design Center tenancy also aligns perfectly with the team’s design to shape the future of the industry. The building’s initiatives, including the Hub & Spoke Institute, Makerspace, and dynamic coworking environment, bring younger people (as well as established professionals who want to develop skills or enter into new markets) into the space. Here, they can ignite their passion for the trades. Shea says, “There’s a lot of life in this building.”

Owner and company founder, Rob Delaby passed away unexpectedly in early 2021, but his legacy lives on. His teenage daughter once called him “extra.” He was larger than life, and he wanted Oasis Outdoor’s Hub & Spoke location to be just as captivating and compelling. Shea says that the space “takes everyone aback and we catch people rubbernecking.” Elegant, trendy, current, and future-focused, it is certainly as extra as hoped!

Rob Shea says, “It may not be what people expect from an exterior design company.” But, then again, Oasis Outdoor may not be what people expect either. Their ability to provide end-to-end, all-inclusive services and create stunning outdoor living experiences is unique, especially for a relatively small company. According to Shea, “We’re a smaller team that delivers big results.”

And we expect those results to get even bigger as Oasis Outdoor connects with other professionals, captures the interest of customers, and remains committed to their vision.

The Hub & Spoke Design Center is proud to work with innovative and future-focused businesses like Oasis Outdoor. If you are interested in joining our community, contact us to start the conversation.


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