Launching into a new home improvement project is exciting – and daunting! You have visions in mind and goals that you want and need to achieve. But how do you make those dreams a reality? Start at the beginning: with a trip to a design center. 

Top 5 Benefits of Starting Your Project At a Design Center 

Take the first steps of a project at a design center and:

1. Explore a World of Options 

Think of a design center as a one-stop-shop for all of your project needs – and then some. The Design Center at Hub & Spoke, for example, features tenants that run the gamut from kitchen and bathroom remodeling, flooring, and plumbing supply to art consulting, interior design, landscaping, and home automation. You may stop in to look at flooring samples and leave with the first steps of your outdoor living project already complete!

2. Access the Experts

It’s one thing to look at products, supplies, and samples; it’s another to have experts at hand to answer your questions, provide advice, and offer suggestions tailored to your needs. When you visit a design center, you should feel as if you are getting an accessible, user-friendly education that will empower you to achieve the best results for your project. 

3. Find Inspiration

Maybe you know exactly what you want – and have Pinterest boards, scrapbooks, sketches, clippings, and website links to prove it. Maybe you are not quite sure how to realize your vision. Maybe you are searching for material upgrades or alternatives. Visiting a design center allows you to look, touch, inquire, explore, and peruse that world of options with knowledgeable guides. From excellent product/supply selections to compelling displays, you will have plenty on which to feast your eyes.  

Your visit may spark ideas. It may lead you in another (better) direction. It may solidify your original decisions. In any case, take the opportunity to be inspired!

4. Help Your Clients

If you are a professional in the home building and improvement world, you can utilize the design center as a helpful resource. Speak with experts in different areas of the industry, ask questions, learn about options, get ideas to share with your clients, purchase what you need for a successful project, and direct homeowners here so they can see products, supplies, and other aspects in-person. 

5. Know Where to Go Next

If you visit a design center for one project, you know exactly where to go when you decide to launch into another one. You have seen the sights, so to speak, and you know what the center can offer you in terms of selection, expertise, and guidance. It’s a one-stop-shop that you will want to return to again and again! 

The Design Center at Hub & Spoke 

At the Hub & Spoke Design Center, you can shop for the latest products in flooring, countertops, cabinetry, window treatments, lighting, plumbing fixtures, artwork, and more. Not only that, the helpful tenants go out of their way to provide you with the information you need to make great decisions that align with your project needs, goals, and budget.  

Located along the famed Nickel Plate Trail, the Design Center is a great destination in and of itself. Stop in, browse, and enjoy – whether you have a project going currently or not.  

Visit the Design Center and start (or start planning!) your next project with us.