Stories of pants-less news anchors live on the air, bathrobe-clad spouses roaming around in the background of Zoom meetings, and bored children clamoring for attention notwithstanding, one surprising outcome of COVID-19’s interruption of business as usual is that people like their work… but many don’t really want to go back to work in the traditional sense — or, rather, in the traditional office.

COVID may be giving it a push, but there’s no doubt that the world of work is evolving. Coworking spaces are poised to play a much larger role in our professional lives, as well as the results we can realize as makers, artisans, craftsmen, tradespeople, and businesses.

Finding the “Happy Medium”

A recent Gallup poll found that the majority (60%) of American who are working from home due to COVID-19 restrictions would prefer to work remotely “as much as possible” going forward. Kate Lister, president of Global Workplace Analytics, predicts that more of us will seek out a “happy medium” between working at the office and working remotely.

Lister says, “Any kind of flexibility is something that people are really, really ripe for, just some control over where and when they work.”

Folks who work 100% remotely — entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, independent contractors, and others who find themselves at home, cafes, and libraries — are also looking for a happy medium between solitude and community. With each hour people spent working remotely, job satisfaction increases. But only up to a point. After 15 hours, it stagnates and can slide right back downhill. Seems you need some company now and then!

Wherever you find yourself in the mix, working remotely in a coworking space can offer a viable, and vibrant, solution — that happy medium for which you may be searching.

The Culture of Working Remotely: Connection, Community, Creativity

Coworking spaces do more than offer the physical space and accommodations you need to work. They provideWorking remotely the conditions you need to create, make, develop, grow, and innovate:

  • Creative Environments: Coworking spaces may be trendy but the idea is far from new. During the Renaissance, for example, painters, sculptors, scientists, engineers, and architects gathered in workshops to collaborate, learn, and improve. Working with other professionals from diverse backgrounds with diverse ideas, opinions, and styles drove them to grow. The same thing happens today in coworking communities. If you need to light the fire under your own business or career, these communities can help.
  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Have a problem? Have a solution? Dynamic coworking spaces empower professionals to trade ideas, seek and give advice, experiment, develop new products/lines, make improvements, troubleshoot, problem solve, strategize… socialize. That matters too!
  • Community and Connections: As a businessperson, especially in the building and design industry, you know that it’s not as much what you know as who you know that can propel you to success. A coworking community gives you access not only to advice and insight but to names and connections in your space. Referrals and recommendations are a natural part of the coworking culture, and it’s a two-way street.Maybe you refer a client to the professional at the next desk, maybe they refer you. Maybe they keep your name in mind next time they’re working on a project that could benefit from your experience and services. You’re building a mutually beneficial network.
  • Freedom and Flexibility: Hub & Spoke’s Community Connect offers a flexible, agile workspace that fosters a creative environment. It is designed to enhance productivity, teamwork, and collaboration while delivering solutions that meet your unique needs. Whether you work completely remotely or a combination, you can access our coworking space as you need, when you need, and for what you need.From communal spaces (with Wi-Fi and coffee) to dedicated desks and offices to meeting and event spaces, you can work… on your terms.

Coworking at Hub & Spoke

working remotely

Think of each of these as pieces of a puzzle; you have the opportunity to assemble them into a cohesive picture of positive results, growth, and competitive advantage — both for yourself and for the others in your coworking community. At Hub & Spoke’s Community Connect, you can be part of a dynamic space that emphasizes creativity, collaboration, teamwork, and relationships.

Get more done…….. That’s what we do at Hub & Spoke. To see how you can become part of an exciting community of creators, makers, and doers, get in touch today.





Image source: Coworking Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


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