“Art is too important not to share.” 

Romero Britto, painter, serigrapher, and sculptor 

This is our mission: to share and support art with our community. Hub & Spoke, High Frequency Arts, and the Fishers Arts Council “work to give exposure and place for art to be experienced at the public level, for art to be easily consumed, to be brought in as an integral part of our community – and, hopefully, to help it thrive within Fishers,” says High Frequency Arts founder and CEO, Jill Lehman.  

When art thrives, the community thrives. 

The Role of Art In the Community  

High Frequency Arts is a “one-stop shop for art and related services.” Jill and her team work with collectors, designers, homeowners, and corporate buyers to source or custom create artwork that aligns with their goals, style, identity, and budget. HFA is an active supporter of emerging artists and makers, as well as a tireless advocate for art in Fishers. 

HFA serves as the art curation and program directors for the Hub & Spoke Design Center, bringing art into this dynamic space with intentionality and impact; now we are working together to bring art into the community in the same way. 

Why is this so important? 

Art Tells a Story  

Jill explains, “When you think about art’s role in society in general, it tells the story of a community or of a specific point in time. Art tells the stories of our past, of what is happening in the present, and can, at times, depict the future.” She points to the murals supporting Black Lives Matter. “These were murals that came to bring healing to communities; they were telling the story of what is occurring now, illustrating our history around racism, and giving us a vision of what the future can be.” 

Art is not always comfortable; and that is one reason it is so essential. Jill says, “Art in our society, in our community, can represent the differences between us, the controversies that surround us – and help us evolve in our thinking and how we view the world around us.” 

Art Is Connection 

Art has the power to inspire us and connect us through creativity. There is no age barrier, no language barrier, no socioeconomic barrier. “We can all look at a piece of art and see something in it, even if we speak different languages and come from different backgrounds. We can all participate in it.”  

HFA makes the distinction between art collection and art consumption. Collection has a connotation that many find intimidating, inaccessible – and expensive! Consumption, on the other hand, conveys that art is accessible, approachable, and has a story to tell. In other words, “Art is very inclusive. It can bring people from all walks of life into a conversation.” 

Art Is Fuel for Economic Development 

J. Clayton Hering, president of Northwest Business for Culture and Arts, says, “The sign of a great state or a great city is the strength of its cultural life. Our nonprofit arts groups are a powerful economic force and act as a magnet for tourism. Even more important, they help educate and inspire our citizens and stimulate creativity in the workplace and our schools.”

As Jill says, “When communities invest in art, they thrive. People want to move there; businesses want to come in. School systems tend to be the best in the area.” She highlights Columbus and Carmel, Indiana, as prime examples. While very different, each invests heavily in art and architecture. “Look at per capita income, educational attainment, population growth, business growth, economic development… Both communities are among the most prosperous areas in the state. Art is part of the strategy.” 

“The more you invest in the success of artists and galleries, the more they can exist, the more they can help grow that greater vision.” 

Free Events at Hub & Spoke 

Hub & Spoke partners with HFA and the Fishers Arts Council to bring art into the design center and host public exhibitions. Jill says, “We work with a wide variety of artists and makers to help bring all of these benefits into our community and provide easy access for people to get involved.”  

These events, which feature local and regional creators, are free to the public. “Most of our artists have had success selling and certaining in gaining exposure. We have helped launch careers for exciting emerging artists.” 

The events, Jill explains, not only support art in the community but other critical endeavors. “We pick a local charity to highlight at our events. We have supported organizations that focus on art, education and mentorship, on women’s issues… These tie into what we are trying to accomplish within Hub & Spoke and Fishers as a bright, entrepreneurial community.” Ten percent of event sales and all food and beverage sales are donated to these causes. 

Up Next 

Join Jill and HFA for the Summer Open House & Artists Reception at the Hub & Spoke Art Gallery on Friday, August 19, 2022 from 5:00 – 8:30. The event will feature fine art, prints, glasswork, fibers, home decor, jewelry, and more from the area’s top artisans and makers. Live music and a cash bar and refreshments will be provided, and as mentioned, 10% of sales and all food and beverage proceeds will be donated to a local charity.  

Support Art In Our Community 

It’s easy to support art in our community! Visit https://hubandspoke.works/events/ and https://www.highfrequencyarts.com/events to stay up-to-date with our events and be sure to join us for a fun, refreshing evening of supporting and celebrating the arts.