Imagine a place where talents are nurtured, ideas are exchanged, new techniques are tried and developed, mentoring relationships flourish, and innovation and creativity thrive. Imagine a coworking space that brings together artists, craftspeople, engineers, and scientists and that drives each of them to greater levels of achievement, mastery, and growth.

Sounds innovative and cutting-edge, doesn’t it? It is… and it’s also a model from 15th century Renaissance thinkers, makers, and doers! They knew that collaboration, teamwork, and a dynamic environment were key to their success.

While coworking is buzzy and current, it’s built on a solid foundation of proven results. A 2019 study reported that around 14% of corporate workers use coworking spaces. In a post-pandemic world, that number could be even higher, as many employees have proven they are capable of being productive while working remotely.

Today’s spaces look different (we have Wi-Fi, for one!), but the goal of creating a community that fosters connections, innovation, progress, and positive change remains. At Hub & Spoke, you have the freedom and flexibility you need to grow — and to get more done.

Hub & Spoke: Community Connect

Community Connect is an agile, dynamic coworking space that emphasizes creativity, connection, and collaboration. This is your space.

coworking spacePart of this means that you have access to coworking spaces, outdoor areas, a kitchen, and shops, as well as dedicated offices, meeting rooms, and networking and industry event spaces. Your needs differ, and your business and professional paths are unique. We’ve got you covered.

But Community Connect is more than a physical place to work; it is a magnetic environment that fosters relationships, partnerships, inter-industry support systems, and, of course, results. With initiatives like the Hub & Spoke Institute (HSI) and our 21st Century trade partnership with the HSE Polytechnic Program and private partners, for example, we are helping cultivate tomorrow’s leaders. HSI is a playground of equipment, tools, technology, arts, training, education, and mentorship.

This same philosophy applies to Community Connect: we want to equip today’s business-people — today’s makers, thinkers, and doers — with the tools they need for success. That means access to not only flexible workspaces, but also access to people, ideas, and solutions. From students to showroom tenants to coworking members, our community brings diverse people together to share ideas, collaborate, consult, experiment, and grow.

Just like the Renaissance-era workshops, you have the opportunity to engage with creative minds from a variety of backgrounds and specialties. This creates an innovative culture that pushes members to do more, achieve more, and contribute more to their industry and community.

The world of work is evolving, and it is more important than ever to connect with the people who can help you move forward — and who you can help. It is more important than ever to have the freedom and flexibility you need for innovation and productivity. This is exactly what the Hub & Spoke community offers. Get in touch to learn more.



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