If you’re the type of person who thinks, I wonder what would happen if… or How can I do this…or I need to fix, build, improve that…or How can I accomplish this goal… or What can I create now… The Makerspace at Hub & Spoke is tailor-made (…or custom-built!) for you.

The Makerspace: Your Space

Welcome to the Maker Playground. You’ll find 15,000 square feet of space that is fully equipped with all the tools, resources, connections, and help you need to explore, experiment. To fail. To try again. And to succeed.

But are you feeling intimidated? Unsure of how to access this space or best utilize it? A little hesitant to walk in the door? A bit nervous about the equipment and tools? Well, the good news is that you are 100% normal. The even better news is that we’re here to alleviate any concerns and to familiarize you with the Maker Playground.

Remember, the keyword is Playground. This is your chance to leave doubts, worries, constraints, and insecurities at the door. Makerspace manager Nick Synder says, “We are here to remove the barrier of entry for learning new skills. Someone may have an interest in woodworking, CNC routing, or 3D printing. All of this equipment is expensive; that’s where community makerspaces come from. If we get together, we can afford to purchase it. [Community members] can access tools they couldn’t otherwise.”

As importantly, you can also access community members from whom you can learn – and who you may be able to teach a thing or two!

Take a Tour with Us

The Maker Playground is intuitively arranged into different, and diverse, workspaces, including:

  • Think Tank. Sit, think, ponder, research, strategize, and plan your next project. Take advantage of the 3D printers as well.
  • Project Alley. Now that you put some parameters around your idea, start turning it into a reality. Project Alley lets you spread out, cut, drill, and more.
  • Woodshop. This is where things get real! In the woodshop, you’ll find a variety of tools, including saws, lathes, planer, drill press, benchtop jointer, and CNC router.
  • Tinker Cart. Have a little one? Start ‘em young! The Maker Playground’s Tinker Cart encourages exploration. Mini Makers can cut, build, and create in a fun hands-on environment. And… you can too. Tinker away!

Each space is equipped with the tools you need to make!

What’s Happening at the Maker Playground?

There is always something happening at the Maker Playground, and you can get your hands on all of it!


Art Classes: Our Maker Labs turn into classrooms of discovery. We partner with exceptional instructors to offer low-cost education and hands-on experiences.

Shop Class: Didn’t have trades-based education in school? Or you did – and loved it? Either way, stop in for shop. We cover the basics on safety, procedures, and equipment basics. Come learn how to use the CNC Router, laser cutter, and engraving machine. (Maker Playground members need to take Shop Class before reserving the router and laser cutter.) Non-members are welcome also!

Household Heroes: Calling a handyman everytime something leaks, cracks, breaks, or malfunctions can get very pricey very fast. You can become a Household Hero – and save some cash! You’ll learn how to use tools, do basic electrical wiring, fix plumbing, repair drywall, and more. Whether you are the DIY Queen/King or a complete beginner, this is the class for you.

Drop-In Projects: You know you want to make something with your own two hands… But you have no idea where to start. Start with us! Choose a kit to purchase and put together at the Maker Playground, using our space, materials, instructions, and tools. This makes a great parent/child activity – or even a unique date night!

For more information on these classes, please visit us here.

Invest In Yourself

A membership to the Maker Playground is an investment in yourself, your career, your skill set, and your future. Take the first step and learn about our membership options. If you’re not ready to take the plunge quite yet, try a 5-Visit Punch Card so you can explore everything we have to offer.

I wonder what would happen if… Let’s start answering these questions together!