Picture it: Fishers 2023.

A busy professional just wrapped up an important meeting (and nailed it). She’s on her way to celebrate with friends at Four Day Ray Brewing. To take advantage of the sun – and to avoid traffic – she opts to walk.

A tired parent needs to walk a crying baby to sleep – and have a well-deserved coffee break at MOTW. Well, he may as well get a mouth-watering French pastry while he’s there.

A visiting family wants to see the sights and soak up the local atmosphere. They stroll through the peaceful, paved path, enjoying a vibrant mural, the beauty of the Cheeney Creek Natural Area, pop-up performances, and public art before stopping to explore the bustling Nickel Plate District.

A student wants to explore a new career path, and literally takes a path to the state-of-the-art facility, Hub & Spoke. She finds the Maker Playground and has access to the tools, technology, and learning she needs to excel.

Picture it: Fishers 2023. You. Taking advantage of the convenience and culture, the socialization and solitude, and the natural beauty and new city amenities of the Nickel Plate Trail.

Update On the Nickel Plate Trail

The Nickel Plate Trail is so much more than a 9.2 mile path from Fishers to Noblesville, Indiana. It connects the cities through their downtowns – and it connects its residents and visitors to their community and each other. There is a wealth of opportunities for recreation, fitness, culture, art, socializing, shopping – and oh the food!

This bold initiative was launched in 2017, when Fishers’ Parks & Recreation asked the community for suggestions and ideas on making their stretch of the trail an engaging hub. They wanted the public to “be bold, be original, and be heard.” And did they ever respond, having a significant impact in the development of the Master Plan. This is a long-term strategic plan designed to ensure that our piece of the Trail meets the needs of the community and its guests.

So what’s new on the Nickel Plate Trail?


The downtown portion of the trail is open and ready for exploration! The 3.8 stretch extends from 106th to 146th Street. A great deal of activity is focused around 116th Street. Here, the new pedestrian tunnel offers walkers, bikers, runners, and strollers safe access between the northern and southern sections of the trail. (Bonus: the tunnel means that there are fewer disruptions in traffic, so four-wheeled commuters also get where they need to go more safely and efficiently.)

Pedestrians and bikers can jump on the downtown portion of the trail via Monumental Stairs and its built-in bike ramp. This is a space designed as a gathering point (or resting point!) along the trail and is ideal for live music, performances, and community events. With great lighting, composite decking, and charging ports, this is a space made for us. A pedestrian bridge located above the exit on the north side of 116th offers yet more space for large gatherings, as well as a vital east-west connection through the Nickel Plate District. Porch-style swings make a perfect spot to take a break and do some people-watching!

Fishers officially opened the downtown portion of the NPT in May 2022, inviting the public to a celebration featuring live music, food trucks, art, suds from local breweries, and more. It was a key milestone in the creation of the trail. City Attorney Chris Greisl, who navigated the complex legalities of the process, attended with his family. “This is unbelievable,” he said. “During a visit, we were looking at all the people walking and enjoying lunch, or spending time with their families. It was the vision we dreamed of.”

And, as Fishers’ Director of Communications Ashley Elrod promises, “There’s more to come.”

So… What’s next for the NPT

Full Speed Ahead for the Nickel Plate Trail

Plans for the Nickel Plate Trail are ambitious, to say the least. By about 2025, there will be an 18-mile trail through Indianapolis, Fishers, and Noblesville. When finished, eventually, officials from the three cities picture a 42-mile loop that connects the Monon, Nickel Plate, and Midland Trace.

Fishers is beginning the last leg of its section of the NPT, which should be complete by June 2024. The plan is to pave 1.3 miles from 106th to 96th Street and construct a bridge over 96th Street. The 12-foot wide paths should be finished in September 2023, with the bridge ready for action in the summer.

Additionally, Fishers is planning enhancements to the trail, including art installations and children’s play areas. There will be continued focus on the stretch at and near 116th street as it makes an ideal community and public space. We’ll keep you updated on the Nickel Plate Trail and all its new and exciting features.

Stop By Hub & Spoke

Located along the Nickel Plate Trail, our mixed-use facility features a design center, showrooms, coworking spaces, and the innovative Maker Playground. Whether you want to shop for high end fixtures and flooring, speak with expert designers, learn more about our makerspace, or simply play around at the Tinker Cart (perfect for the young and young at heart), you are officially invited to come on by and take a look. We are here for you.

Visit Hub & Spoke – and get out on the trail!