See, folks, this is why we can have something nice. The Nickel Plate Trail is an initiative by the community, for the community. The 40+ mile rail trail corridor transformed the space into a sought-after spot for recreation, socialization, fitness, fun, event hosting… and some prime photo ops. Fishers, Indiana is working to expand the trail northward with some great additions inspired by input from…. you.

What can we look forward to in the near future?

What’s Happening On the Nickel Plate Trail?

The Nickel Plate Trail is an ambitious initiative that will transform a 9.2 mile stretch along the Nickel Plate railbed from 96th Street in Fishers to Pleasant Street in Noblesville into a multifaceted pedestrian trail. It connects Fishers and Noblesville through their downtowns, offering an abundance of recreational, cultural, fitness, social, and experiential opportunities for residents and visitors alike.

In 2018, Fishers’ Parks & Recreation asked the community to help ensure that their community’s portion of the Nickel Plate Trail offered an experience, not just a path to get from here to there. They wanted members of the public to “be bold, be original, and be heard.”

Your voice is the power behind the exciting Nickel Plate Trail changes we will start to see:

Paving of the Northern Portion

The portion of the Nickel Plate Trail that runs through Fishers is 4.5 miles long. Phase 1 of the project focused on 106th Street to 131st Street (excluding the downtown area from South Street to North Street) and was completed in late 2020. The next step is paving 131st Street to 146th Street, which had been closed to pedestrians. This work was completed in Fall 2021. The railroad bed is now paved, and a trail crossing and pedestrian warning signals are up at 141st Street. Enjoy the smooth sailing whether you’re on a bike, skates, or foot.

At this point, the NPT is 80% paved!

Phase 2 of the plan focuses on the downtown section of the trail, including the pedestrian tunnel at 116th Street (which we’ll tell you about in a moment). The plan also allows room for future phases, such as the completion of the stretch from 96th Street to 106th Street. These will be completed as funding is available.

Downtown Detour Route

This route, which travels from 146th Street to 106th Street, helps build connectivity within our community. This offers a convenient way to be in the heart of Fishers, connect with people and places, and still take in stunning views (and, if you’re lucky, some of our wildlife residents!).

Pedestrian Tunnel

This pedestrian tunnel, which runs beneath 116th Street, is close to done and will open in Spring 2022. As of Fall 2021, crews are working to pave and reinforce the tunnel walls. When complete, it will allow pedestrians to travel through this busy intersection safely and efficiently. Mayor Scott Fadness says, “Forty-thousand cars, approximately, go back and forth on 116th Street a day, and they go fast. Yes, they go fast, so we want to get our pedestrians safe and under the road.” The tunnel features a wide, open design with ample lights for safety.

Drivers also benefit from significantly fewer interruptions in traffic flow. A terraced wall along the entry of the tunnel will add yet more opportunities for landscaping and ensure the space is open and inviting.

Pedestrian Bridge

Lots going on at 116th Street!

Safety is a major priority for our community members, and Fishers Parks & Rec heard us loud and clear. The Nickel Plate Train plan includes a pedestrian bridge above the north side pedestrian tunnel exit. It will provide easy and safe east-west connectivity through the Nickel Plate District off 116th Street. Connecting the existing train platform to the new Nickel Plate Station Plaza, it is in a prime position to host community and business events.

In renderings, we also see large porch-style swings under the platform. These will play a role in future improvements. (And we can’t wait!)

Multi-Use Opportunities

Opportunities for residential, multi-family housing, industrial, and commercial applications are also included in the far-reaching 21-year improvement plan. This will provide more diverse forms of housing to our residents, as well as more ways to connect with services, jobs, culture, and amenities.

Building a Stronger Community

We have a 4.5 mile stretch of Nickel Plate Trail running through our city, and we are making the most of it. Improvements will help connect us to art, history, culture, business, technology, education, health and wellness, and community in a way that is inviting, innovative, and integrated.

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So what’s new and exciting on the Nickel Plate Trail? Go out and see for yourself! And if you want to learn more or book event space, visit Hub & Spoke.