If you’ve spent any time on social media, you’ve undoubtedly seen posts depicting funny instances of online shopping experiences gone wrong. There are ones where shoppers think they’re getting a fantastic deal on a $10 chair only to receive a 3” tall one made for a doll house or people who bought $750 Yeezys that arrive looking more like puffy slippers. That’s some serious cognitive dissonance!  

Imagine buying a refrigerator online and receiving one that was 3” tall or thinking you’re getting a great internet bargain on flooring and when it arrives, you realize it’s made of cardboard. 

InPerson Shopping has a Personal Touch

The point is, shopping online can be a bit of a gamble and some purchases are far too important (and too pricey!) for that. When shopping for a home improvement projectfor example, most people like a visceral experience where they can see and touch products before they buy them 

It can be fun to research and get inspiration online, when it comes time to the actual purchase, people want to see different features up close. But when you have an extensive shopping list for a large project, it can be a hassle going from store to store. 

In-Person ShoppingEnter the Design Center

At Hub & Spoke, we have a design center with retail showrooms where you can shop for everything from plumbing supplies to flooring, counter-tops, home audio, and even artwork all under one roof

Having the opportunity to examine and compare several options at a design center makes decisions much easier. Not only that, but there are knowledgeable resources at each showroom who are ready to help.  

ACo – your local one-stop-shop for flooring, cabinetry, and kitchen and bath remodeling – has a showroom in Hub & Spoke’s Design Center where you can not only see and touch hundreds of samples of flooring, fixtures, cabinetry and more, but you can also utilize cool technology such as a flooring visualizer, a budget calculator, and a virtual design guide.  

“When customers come into the design center, we make sure that their experience is not only productive, but as fun as possible,” says ACo President David Decker. “We love getting to know families and guiding them through the process.” 

Work with an Expert In-Person Shopping

Just as you go to Ace for helpful hardware folks, going to a design center means you can have face-to-face interactions with helpful showroom associates that can assist you with all aspects of your home improvement project from start to finish. They can provide valuable expert insight about materials, products, prices, and can address any questions or concerns you may have throughout all phases of your project.

Let’s say your new lighting fixture breaks when it gets to your house. Would you like to try to return it online or would you rather simply visit your local design center and get help from a vendor you’ve built a relationship with?

Be In-Person Virtually 

Home improvement doesn’t have to be stressful or overwhelming – particularly when you have experts to guide youEven if you aren’t able to physically visit a design center, you can still engage virtually! ACo’s Virtual Design Guide is an excellent example.   

“When homeowners are ready to tackle a home improvement project while practicing social distancing but aren’t sure where to start, ACo is here to help,” says Decker. “Using video conferencing, in-home measuring apps, virtual reality, and our flooring visualizer, our designers will guide you through planning and executing your project from afar.” 

Whether you want a little bit of help or someone to take the reins the entire way through a home remodel project, in-person shopping at Hub & Spoke’s design center beats online shopping any day! 

Get more done…….. That’s what we do at Hub & Spoke. To learn more or to become part of an exciting community of creators, makers, and doers, get in touch today.


Photos: Dave Plumier


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