Makerspaces are designed for those driven to “make.” Whether artists and programmers or skilled tradesmen, a makerspace provides opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration. Makerspaces are the creative testing grounds and learning-rich environment you need to explore, problem-solve, and innovate for the future.

hands-on learning

Makerspaces: Fertile Ground for Creativity and Skill Development

Makerspaces are vital hands-on learning hubs for virtually every industry, from IT to art. They are particularly potent for those in the building and construction fields. To address critical labor shortages, we need to ignite an interest in the skilled trades. Makerspaces deliver the tools, equipment, mentorship, support, and freedom to fan those flames.

According to the New Media Consortium Horizon Report (2015), “Makerspaces are increasingly being looked to as a method for engaging learners in creative, higher-order problem-solving through hands-on design, construction, and interaction.” They equip students, apprentices, professionals, and members of the community with the skill sets they need for the future.

For makers, the goal is making, but the benefits of makerspaces go beyond a final, finished product.

Makerspaces Allow for Tinkering

“Tinkering” may have a rather non-disciplined connotation, but it frees the mind to ask different questions — and think of creative solutions. A makerspace isn’t about the physical space or the tools and equipment; it’s a mindset that encompasses the willingness to discover. Who knows what you may develop? What plans you may draw up? What plumbing or electrical solutions you can innovate?

“Something magical happens when you take an idea in your head and build it with your hands,” Hub & Spoke founder David Decker.

Makerspaces Offer Authentic Hands-On Learning Experiences

The best way to learn is to do. Makerspaces give people of all ages (more on this benefit in a minute!) the opportunity to get their hands dirty, so to speak, and acquire real-world skills that they can apply in their jobs and lives. Authentic learning is far more engaging. After all, what’s more satisfying than building or making something that solves a real problem?

hands-on learning
hands-on learning

Makerspaces Bring Different People Together

One of the most powerful benefits of makerspaces is that they offer incredible diversity. You can have a high school student working beside a master plumber. You can have a designer asking for suggestions from a contractor or a carpenter getting help on a CAD program. Each brings unique skills, and they can draw on the knowledge and expertise of the community while building their own abilities.

Makerspaces Foster Entrepreneurial Spirit

While many benefits of makerspaces may seem intangible (creativity and innovation are hard to measure by standard metrics), they do produce real-world solutions and products. They give aspiring entrepreneurs access to the physical tools they need but otherwise could not afford, as well as invaluable technical and business advice from coworking community members. Launching a business is a viable next step; building a solid career certainly is too.

For those in the building and construction fields, making is just what we do. When we have access to tools, equipment, space, advice, suggestions, collaboration, and a spirit of innovation, we can build a better future and help develop a skilled workforce. Connect with us today to learn how you can get involved with Hub & Spoke and the makerspace movement.



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