Can you change the world in 48 hours? Make48 aims to at least make significant strides in that direction. This exciting event aims to bring teams from all walks of life together with one goal: to bring innovative ideas to life.

Collaborate. Create. Compete

With Make48, makers have the opportunity to work as teams, striving to develop a brand new commercial product in an “invent-a-thon” weekend. Not only are they competing against other teams, they are competing against the clock. They have just 48 hour to plan, prototype, and pitch their idea. These creative minds:

  • Must build a prototype within the specifications of the challenge.
  • Utilize a variety of tools and materials.
  • Create in resource-rich work spaces while leveraging expert guidance.
  • Access qualified “Tool Techs” who will assist them with fabrication tools to prototype their idea.
  • Product a promotional video.
  • Pitch their idea to the judges.

The winning team receives a cash prize, a custom Make48 trophy, and a shot at the national competition  – and, don’t forget, bragging rights. But everyone benefits from the exposure, education, networking and connections, and unrivaled opportunity to collaborate, create, and compete.

2021’s competition took place at Machyne, a 21st century makerspace in Downtown Indianapolis. The challenge was “Empowering Health @ Home” and teams were tasked with creating a better pill box or IV medical stand. The winning team – the Mallorys (Drew, Amanda, Gregg, and Andy) – developed a living room medical stand that pulls double duty as a functional plant holder, dubbed “Spring.”. The catchy tagline says it all: “Plant by day, home healthcare by night.”

What will this year bring?

Make48 at the Maker Playground

This year’s Indy competition will be hosted by the Maker Playground at Hub & Spoke in Fisher. This 15,000 square foot state-of-the-art makerspace features tools, technology, full woodshop and metal shop, CNC machine, 3D printer, computers… Everything teams need to create. If they can imagine it, they can build it at the Maker Playground.

The theme for 2022 is Tackling Food Preservation & the Supply Chain: Food at the Right Place at the Right Time. Certainly this is a timely topic – and an issue that is top of mind for many people.

To help the teams go from concept to prototype to pitch are Make48 techs, as well as makers from 2021’s Indianapolis competition. The Fisher makerspace team – Cassy and Daniel – represented the Maker Playground last year, and this year, they will there with other staff to provide hands-on help. Gregg and Drew from the winning team the Mallorys will also be on scene to lend their expertise.

The Teams

Meet the innovative minds that will be taking on the Make48 challenge this year:

Fishers Tigers

Good friends with the Maker Playground, the Fishers Tigers features two teachers and two students. What a great opportunity for makers of all ages – those students already get in A+ in our book!

  • Jeff Fronius
  • Eduardo Torres
  • Jack White
  • Ayanna Bodake

Machyne Makerspace

The well-oiled Machyne Makerspace team is made up of two artists and two engineers. Their complementary skill sets are sure to be an asset.

  • Paul Williams
  • Ramon Yip
  • Roman Dziennik
  • Nick Douglas


The GearHeads want to host a Make48 competition in the future, so this is a great chance to get their feet wet. Students, staff, and faculty will tackle Food Preservation & the Supply Chain together.

  • James Emery
  • Paul Talaga
  • Nathan Ziems
  • Jordan Ankney

Seal Team Fix

Purdue University’s Seal Team Fix is also hosting a competition next summer; their team will see how it all works at the Maker Playground.

  • Austin Simms
  • Jeff Heiking
  • Michele Walker
  • Drew Oakley

The Mavericks

The tight-knit Mavericks (3 family members and a very close family friend) have endless curiosity and the drive to solve common problems in uncommon ways.

  • Jason Tuntland
  • Kelly Tuntland
  • Tyler Tuntland
  • Grant Venable

Super Seatons

This super cool family of four loves tech just as much as they love a challenge. They’ll find all of it at Make48

  • Shondria Seaton
  • Bryant Seaton
  • Jayden Seaton
  • Jordyn Seaton

Good luck, teams! We can’t wait to see what you create.

Stay tuned to find out who won Make48 at the Maker Playground.