How Staircases Can Double as Seating

Let’s talk stairs. They tend to fall into two categories. One is completely functional; we only think about them in terms of the number of flights we have to climb for our next meeting, appointment, or to our home with three bags of groceries. The other is sweeping, statement-making staircases with plenty of the “Wow” factor. Think of the grand staircase of the Titanic. In hindsight, not so envy-inducing… but it was one heck of an architectural feature. There is, however, a third category that is gaining ground: stairs as meeting and event spaces. Staircase seating may be the functional, flexible, and fun solution you didn’t know you were looking for.

The Staircase Seating at Hub & Spoke

Staircase seating is an exciting trend that we see gaining ground as companies seek to create environments conducive to conversation, collaboration, and creativity. As you can see with the Hub & Spoke staircase, there are traditional stairs to allow easy ascent and descent; to the side is wider stadium-style seating that provides the perfect opportunity for a quick break, a chat with coworkers, an informal meeting with a customer, and more.

Think about it like this: wouldn’t you much rather sit in this sleek space versus trying to cram people into a cubicle? Flexible gathering, meeting, and even spaces are a must in today’s diverse, dynamic workplaces.

We also took the opportunity to add in some branding elements; you’ll see the distinctive Hub & Spoke logo, which is a perfect complement to the modern design of the building. This is really what it’s all about: using the space you have in innovative ways that align with your brand, facilitate both chance and planned conversations, and look pretty darn great!

Here’s another take on staircase seating from Sunbrella. This growing company is a leader in indoor/outdoor performance fabric. Their 46-foot-wide pine steps make for an inviting lobby, and the company rotates a selection of their own fabrics on the cushions. On-brand, comfortable, and contemporary. We like it!

Stairway to Learning

Staircase seating is becoming more widely used in schools as well. “Learning stairs” allow for greater socialization, a sense of community, and more diverse instructional opportunities. Staircases like this one at Thunder Vista P-8 School in Broomfield, Colorado is a great space for students to connect with one another (and with teachers), read, study, and chat. It conveys the message that this is an exciting place to learn.

And, of course, the stairs used for circulation also promote good old-fashioned exercise. Work those quads and hammies, kids!

Stairs that double as meeting and event spaces are functional, yes. But they are so much more than a way from here to there. These intriguing elements are conducive to the communication and creativity our businesses need to thrive. As an article in Architizer suggests:

“[T]hese enigmatic terraced staircases act as the magnetic hearts of each design and provide unique areas for alternate approaches to meeting, co-working, and carrying out the work day…. [T]hey allow individuals to gather, creative self-driven narrative scenes and produce a strong unified image of what collaboration looks like.”

Make Your Next Event Memorable

Looking for an event space that is distinctive, contemporary, open, and compelling? You’ve found it. Hub & Spoke offers an open, art-gallery-style indoor/outdoor area full of unique features, including our show-stopping staircase seating. You will also have access to a large kitchen with plenty of seating, the adjacent Nickel Plate trail right outside, and the most rigorous safety measures per the governor’s COVID-19 Back-on-Track plan.

Get in touch with Hub & Spoke to talk about our on-site event management services and your next event.


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