Hub & Spoke has 94,000 square feet of master-planned mixed-use space, encompassing a design center with retail showrooms, a dynamic coworking environment, and a state-of-the-art makerspace. But it’s not the space that makes Hub & Spoke so unique (though it plays a huge part!) It is the people and companies that bring their ideas, innovation, ingenuity, skills, knowledge, and appetite for growth to the community.

Our Design Center tenants are integral in our mission to foster a forward-looking environment and experience that supports purpose, innovation, and collaboration. In High Frequency Arts, we have found the perfect partner.

Experience a Higher Frequency

As design and construction industry professionals know, if a solution does not exist, we create one. Jill Lehman, founder of High Frequency Arts, is a seasoned human resources executive and consultant. She realized that something was missing from HR strategy and workplace ecosystems. Art.

“My passion is art – and what art can do for people and organizations,” Jill says. From sparking creativity and energy to inviting calm and collaboration, art has a powerful impact on prospective and current employees, as well as other stakeholders. But she adds, “I struggled to find a firm that considered art as a people strategy.”

So she created one.

High Frequency Arts (HFA), born in 2017, is dedicated to “Creating meaningful experiences that engage people and enhance environments using visual arts and creative displays.” Jill explains that “Aesthetic and design is just one piece; a deeper piece is what art can create for and in us.” HFA brings together artists, artworks, and stories to help individuals and organizations create spaces that work, that align with their identities and goals, and that cure blank walls and uninspired mass-produced decor.

Art Consumers vs. Art Collectors

Jill is careful to differentiate between art consumers and art collectors. Here’s why: art collection can be… intimidating. It can be expensive. It can be another world, in many ways. From a consumer standpoint, though, art is accessible, it’s approachable, and we can all benefit from the stories it tells. HFA believes in art at all price points.

Now, what can HFA do for individuals and businesses? Jill calls it  “one-stop for art and related services,” including:

  • Consultation
  • Design projects
  • Custom commissions
  • Artwork sales
  • Artwork sourcing
  • Installation
  • Designer showroom, home interiors boutique, and fine art gallery

HFA works with homeowners, collectors, designers, and corporate buyers, while sourcing and nurturing an extensive network of local, regional, and national artists. Increasing exposure for artists is paramount for Jill and her team, as is bringing their work to art consumers.

The Perfect Partnership

Jill says that HFA and Hub & Spoke is a perfect partnership. Hub & Spoke is “not only a community design center; they have a mission around makers and creators and a focus on STEAM.” As opposed to STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math), STEAM recognizes the importance of the arts. “Hub & Spoke has “a deep connection to and understanding of the value of the arts.”

HFA is a valued Hub & Spoke Design Center tenant – and their expertise was put to work. Jill and her team also serve as the art curation and program directors for the Design Center. Jill says, “I appreciate that we get to bring art into the space in a big way.” (Hub & Spoke appreciates it as well!)

HFA seeks to make art approachable: this, too, aligns with the Hub & Spoke philosophy. “Hub & Spoke is positioned to be a really unique, one-of-a-kind multipurpose property,” Jill says. “It’s an avenue and a resource for makers and creators, as well as a one-stop-shop for consumers. You don’t have to be intimidated; they are there to serve everyone.”

High Frequency Arts enhances the experience for all who come to Hub & Spoke. Their expertise, accessible approach to the arts, and championing of makers and creators is a highly valued asset to the Hub & Spoke environment. Learn more about High Frequency Arts and other Best-In-Class Design Center tenants – and see how Hub & Spoke can help you achieve your business-building goals.


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