The Design Center at Hub & Spoke is a one-stop-shop for trade professionals and homeowners looking for the latest home improvement products, but it is more than a retail destination. For the Design Center tenants, Hub & Spoke is a supportive, collaborative environment that empowers them to grow their businesses, leverage the strengths of the trade community, and set the next generation up for success. At Hub & Spoke, we work to build the future… together.

This is a mission that is near and dear to the hearts of Plumbers Supply Co., the region’s leading supply and service source in the plumbing, heating, and piping industry.

Everything Under the Sun

Plumbers Supply Co. (PSC) is poised to celebrate its first century in business in 2021. Like any centurion, the secret to their success is adaptation. In 1921, it was all plumbing, all day, and PSC served the industrial and commercial industries exclusively. Over time, they evolved to encompass HVAC and they began to branch out into the residential sector.

Vice President Scott Ritchey says, “That’s why we’ve lasted 100 years.” For example, he explains, in 2020, HVAC was booming. As the pandemic drove many folks home, they decided it was time to take the plunge and get that new air conditioning or heating system. COVID wasn’t as kind to commercial construction, though, and many projects were delayed or cancelled. Diversification in their service offerings, and expertise, allows PSC to roll with the times. It also explains their tagline: Everything Under the Sun!

Ritchey puts it more eloquently: “Strategic diversification creates a steady growth rate over time that we’ve been able to manage. We put a lot of thought into strategic initiatives – trying to see what disruptive forces are at work in the world, how they will impact us, and how we can evolve to lead the way.”

Embracing Disruption

There is certainly no shortage of disruptions occurring today! Ritchey says, “No one in my business years ago thought an Amazon could exist, but now their goal is to ensure you buy everything from them. They will try to get into our space.”

And it makes sense, right? Think about how easy it is to order shoes, a coat, soup, or shampoo on Amazon. You search, compare, click, and it’s on its way to your house. Amazon has created the ultimate in convenient experiences. Rather than rail against it, PSC invested heavily in e-commerce. They’ve improved their pricing transparency, their inventory visibility, and their cart experience. It’s Click, Cart, Done.

The changes taking place in the business-to-consumer space are going to be huge for business-to-business. This is just one disruption that PSC has anticipated, tackled, and mastered as they head into their second century. PSC has also launched innovative programs for builders, including My Trusted Contractor (think of it like a super-charged Angie’s List that also generates leads and manages search engine optimization or improved web visibility) and a sophisticated, yet user-friendly, performance app designed for HVAC technicians.

“We are,” Ritchey says, “a disruptor.”

Building the Future

Plumbers Supply Co. prides itself on doing business as unusual and, according to Ritchey, “Hub & Spoke is one of the things we do differently. We saw the possibilities of the future with them.” How so?

The Design Center tenants fit their space and are complementary. If someone comes in to look at tile for their new home build, for example, they can also pop in to look at plumbing and HVAC solutions. It’s a natural fit as homeowners can interact with builders, designers, and suppliers – and trade professionals can leverage integral relationships to grow their prospective businesses.

Another initiative that caught the interest of PSC is the Hub & Spoke Institute, a project- and work-based learning and innovation center. Ritchey says, “There are so many great opportunities in the trades. They’re wide open.”

In HVAC alone, there are 122,000 service technician jobs open in the country – 9,000 in Indiana and 7,000 in Kentucky respectively. “People can learn the business and hang their own shingle. We are excited that they are being trained, and even tradespeople can take advantage of additional education.” The chance to partner with Hub & Spoke and promote the trades as a viable, exciting career path was central to PSC’s decision to become a Design Center tenant.

And, Ritchey says, “The concept itself is great. We’re excited to have this visibility, the chance to partner with other companies, and the opportunity to further open up the residential market.”

Winning Together

Ritchey puts it best: “The Design Center brings together businesses that complement each other in the same space, ensuring they can all benefit and win together.”

Plumbers Supply Co. is a disruptor, and they are well-positioned to charge ahead for another 100 years. Learn more about PSC and the other outstanding Design Center tenants – and see if Hub & Spoke is the right fit for you.


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